Courses Renata França

Courses Renata França

Official Renata França Method Instructor in Spain

Nathalia has been intensively prepared by Renata França, the creator of the method, to teach each of her courses according to her own profound requirements. In this way, she was able to learn in detail her techniques and didactics in order to be able to replicate her successful formula in the training of her Spanish Pupils.

She, who already had her Pupil title since 2017, has been chosen after a meticulous selection process to fly the flag for the method on Spanish territory, which has already been joined, in addition to Brazil, by 9 other countries: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, the United States and Israel.

Courses available in Spain:
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Modeller
- Miracle Face
- Relaxing
- Miracle Touch

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- Absolute contraindications:
- Pathological inflammatory processes
- Infectious processes (including influenza)
- Acne Activa (***For MIRACLE FACE)
- Renal insufficiency (in haemodialysis-dependent patients)
- After delivery, wait 40 days to include the abdominal manoeuvres

- Relative contraindications
- Thrombophilia
- Systemic Arterial Hypertension
- Cardiac Pathologies
- Pulmonary Pathologies
- Renal Pathologies
- Oncology Patients
- Injectable medicines: Wait 48 hours to resume treatment.
- COVID-19 vaccine: Wait 10-14 days to resume treatment.

- Pregnant women
- During the first three months of pregnancy, they must present a doctor's authorisation.
- ABSOLUTE contraindications: Placental abruption, decreased amniotic fluid, pressure oscillations.
- After delivery, wait 40 days before resuming treatment (the same recommendation applies to any type of delivery).

- Reminder: ALWAYS respect the pain threshold of each patient. If it hurts, reduce the pressure.

I can give a drainage massage to a patient who...
- ...Only has one kidney? - YES
- ...The day after a colon hydrotherapy? - YES
- ...Do you have a hernia (hiatal, umbilical or inguinal)? - If no surgical recommendation, YES
- ...Do you have varicose veins? - If no surgical recommendation, YES
- ...Has a lymph node network been removed? - YES, the lymph must be conducted to the nearest network in the disto-proximal direction.
- ...Do you have Multiple Sclerosis? - YES, I DO
- ...Do you have Fibromyalgia? - YES, I DO
- ...Do you have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus? YES
- ...Do you have Discoid Lupus Erythematosus? If there are no open lesions, YES

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